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Welcome to Topaz Studio

The goal of Topaz Studio is to provide photographers and enthusiasts with a simple-to-use, but powerful creative effect toolbox using our acclaimed photo enhancement technology. Topaz Studio is a great companion to Photoshop Lightroom and other editors or your choice, and also offers many basic editing features available for free. We hope that you will find many unique and powerful tools that can help you to easily achieve your artistic vision.

If the update mechanism isn’t working for you within the application, please download and run the latest installer below. We’ve made changes to the update mechanism inside Topaz Studio, which requires a reinstall to get the update to 1.7 or later, if you’re running 1.6 or earlier. Just click the installer for your system below, it will automatically remove your current version, and install the latest update.

Windows Installer Macintosh Installer

Current Version: v1.10.5

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Version 1.9.3:  Windows Installer  | Mac Installer