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Topaz Studio / Videos

Basic Adjustment

Anything but Basic. Get access to all the common tools you need to balance your exposure, correct color, and control image detail with a more impactful and intelligent result than options like Lightroom and Photoshop. The Topaz Studio Basic Adjustment gives you complete, independent control of your...

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Blurs Adjustment

Play on the Softer Side. Reduce detail and smooth images with the Blurs Adjustment for Topaz Studio. Sometimes images are a bit too sharp in all the wrong places. Blurs helps to soften those sharp points in images. Smooth skin with the Diffusion Blur, or Feather...

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Brightness Contrast Adjustment

Correct Dull and Flat Images Like Never Before. This simple utility transforms lackluster images by adding full spectrums of brightness, contrast, and saturation to images. Use the Brightness Contrast Adjustment to correct image brightness and contrast and to add color to dull photographs. Edit images to be technically...

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Color Overlay Adjustment

Simple color filters to change overall tone and mood. Effortlessly achieve various effects, adjust image tone and temperature, or selectively enhance image features. The Color Overlay Adjustment has 28 blending modes, an opacity slider, and extensive color picker to provide versatile, yet simple color correction and...

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Dual Tone Adjustment

Control the Tones in Highlights and Shadows with Ease. Add vivid colors and tone to images, instantly changing the mood of any composition. Create subtle hue changes in either highlights or shadows alone, or combine them to balance color or create vivid image effects. Open up...

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Film Grain Adjustment

Add a traditional surface texture to any image. Digital photography has eliminated certain elements such as film grain, traditionally found in film photography. Add that traditional, nostalgic feel and interesting surface texture back into images. The Topaz Studio Film Grain Adjustment gives you complete, control over...

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Posterize Adjustment

Create discrete steps in tones and bands of colors while reducing individual color variations. The Posterize Adjustment is a great way to get that 1960’s graphic illustrative look with large, distinctively flat areas of tones or colors. The Topaz Studio Posterize Adjustment allows you to effortlessly...

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Tone Curves Adjustment

Adjust tones to brighten, darken, add contrast, and to shift colors in images. Tone Curves Like Never Before. Adjust tones to brighten, darken, add contrast, and to shift colors in images. Subtle and realistic to bold and colorful, the Tone Curves Adjustment can do it all. The...

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